About Us

Founded in 1943 Frank Mikitaw Sr., an ironworker, and Mr. Anthony. The company at that time was called Youngstown Fence Builders. With the shop and office in Lake Milton, Ohio, Mr. Anthony’s residence. Frank Mikitaw did all the sales and Mr. Anthony handled the installation department. This partnership lasted approximately 5 years before they broke up and started their own companies. That is when Youngstown Fence Company, located in Youngstown, Ohio at his home was started.

A bedroom became an office and the single car garage, the shop. The business was run on 90 day notes and daily sales with the ambition to succeed, basically all commercial work. In 1962 Frank Mikitaw ran out of garage space and rented a 1,100 foot warehouse building on South Ave. with the office staying on Helena Ave. For 28 years we had rented this building, manufacturing our own gates of all kinds and sizes. We became known for doing unusual and difficult jobs.

I (present owner Frank Mikitaw) started to work for my father as a young teen and in 1980 my father passed away, and I had to solely run the company. The first 4 years I worked sales and installed, branching out to residential, commercial, and industrial work. In 1984 I rented an additional building, same location to accommodate a wood shop and office. Sales had increased as a result of us improving our sales strategies with product samples, information, photos of our work and customer service. Youngstown Fence has been a member of AFA (IFIA) for many years. When my father passed on the association helped me in many areas and I found great fellowship with the other fence business men. I realized that at this time it became a major asset to me and our business. They were always there for guidance and advice, and always encouraging.

Our sales continued to grow and in 1990 we purchased 25,500 square feet of building space. 11,040 square feet of it consist of our warehouse space; weld shop and 3 offices. In 1991 we incorporated our business. We are a growing business and at our peak season my wife Suzanne and I employ 5 - 2 to 3 men crews, with an additional shop man, wood fence builder, and secretary. We have come a long way from a single car garage and a plan to increase our gross sales.

We will continue to succeed, with our two sons Frank Jr and Steven leading us into the future.

Frank Mikitaw Sr.